About me

Welcome to my world!

My name is Lauren. Here is my life story:

I was a husky, awkward, self-conscious tomboy growing up, playing baseball, swimming and water polo. I realized my love for fitness when I picked up my first fitness magazine when I was 14. My obsession with my weight and curiosity about this thing called fitness and nutrition grew into a passion and a career. In college I got my CPT and that prompted me to change from an International Business major to Kinesiology. Working in the field that I was at the same time studying was an invaluable experience and I’ve continued to learn beyond my degree. I never learned how to be skinny (hello, genetics?), but luckily that isn’t the only motivation behind learning about this fascinating thing we call our body. I hope that I can help you find something that you can be passionate about that will keep you moving and making healthy choices because you want to, not because Dr. Oz told you to.

When I’m not trying to figure out this whole blog thing or laying the smack down on my clients at the gym, you can find me cooking up a storm in the kitchen, taking dance classes (or maybe just dancing in my kitchen), playing beach volleyball, or hanging out with my cat and being silly with my husband.

My philosophy in life? Eat, move, rest. Repeat. (and laugh!)



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