Happy Thanksbuttergiving

Hope you guys all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’m happy to report that this year I succeeded in NOT eating myself into oblivion, despite all of the butter-laden menu items I cooked up. Wish I could say the success extended into the pumpkin cheesecake department but sadly it did not.

I know that looks like some sort of soufflé. But it’s SUPPOSED to be a pumpkin cheesecake. One that would leave my relatives speechless, they would cry and there would be high fives, probably.

Spoiler Alert: There were no high fives.

It’s probably best that the cheesecake didn’t work out. One less food item on the table to temp me into holiday gluttony.

On an unrelated note I got to hold the cutest Chihuaha/Jack Russell Terrier puppy that one of my cousins brought to town. When she barked she sounded like a little squeak toy.

I was unsuccessful in my attempts to kidnap her.

At the end of the day, those who were still standing went to see Skyfall and you guys, it was so amazing. I mean Javier Bardem are you serious? So creepy and gross and awesome. He had me at the bad dye job and fake grill.

I don’t even remember the other Bond villains because Bardem blew them away. If you’re not gonna see the movie for Daniel Craig’s cute tushie, go for JB’s evil and weirdly funny interpretation of a bad guy role. You’ll feel so uncomfortable but you’ll love it at the same time.

Today I was thankfully able to sleep in and recover from the day before. It’s amazing how much a day like Thanksgiving takes out of you! And as much as I tried to avoid the Black Friday specials, I gave in and bought myself an early birthday gift on one of Amazon’s flash sales.

Now I can finally repair all of the blown out inner thighs on my jeans. I’ll probably peruse Pintertest for some project pinsperation as well.

Sorry about that one. But who can resist a good alliteration? Am I right guys?

I also got an email from Zumba about a crazy sale on their clothes and I totally gave in at the end of the day and bought some stuff. I kept it under control and under $50 so I feel pretty good about it. Pictures to follow.

Before I wrap this post up, I wanted to give you a quick chunk of something to chew on as we are officially in holiday mode. And it’s related to eating.

The next 6 weeks or so are going to be filled with parties, gifts of cookies and candy, wine, cheese and tons of other delicious wonderfulness. The most important thing you can do is not turn your brain off during these times. Every time there is a plate of this or a glass of that in front of you, ask yourself the question:

How badly do I want this?

It’s not about depriving yourself of the good stuff during the holidays. Rather it’s about cutting out the things you don’t really care about to make room for the treats you love.

Holiday meals are going to unapologetically kick (and stick to) your butt if you’re not mentally prepared beforehand.

If you are at a party and there’s a long table full of food, do a little mental checklist:

How hungry am I right now?

What of the “junky” food do I REALLY want?

How much of it do I need to make me feel satisfied?

Where are the vegetables and other healthy stuff I can fill up on?

When you do those little check ins, you might be surprised to find that maybe you’re really only in the mood for some of the fudge brownies and everything else just looks “meh” to you. How much more will you enjoy that brownie and how much less guilty will you feel that you didn’t also have a slice of cheesecake and 2 cake pops that you didn’t really want to begin with?

Think about it. It’s amazing how much self control you’ll find you have when you aren’t depriving yourself of anything and everything that’s yummy.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your weekend and do a little bit of extra exercise to work of the turkey dinner! (or dinners, for those of you that went to multiple households 😀 )



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