A Perfectionist looks at 2012

It’s the beginning of the new year and I’ve been doing some self-reflection and goal-setting for 2012.

I wouldn’t consider myself a big fan of New Year’s resolutions. Some years I would make them and others I let pass right by without giving it a second thought. If you need to improve something in your life, why not start right then instead of waiting any number of months? If you are ready to make a change, ride that wave of energy and inspiration.  Don’t wait for a certain time of year to happen. By then there will be no wind in your sails and you’ll give up on yourself before you even get started.

That being said, I’m making some resolutions for 2012.

I’m feeling totally inspired and energized by this new year. I can’t explain why, call it timing, where I’m at in my life, I don’t know. What I do know is that I’m not going to judge it, but rather ride it out and see where it takes me. I’ve noticed that there are certain times of the year where a fire is lit under my behind and I’m filled with ideas and plans to take it to the next level! But I don’t always let that fire fuel me to take action. I overthink it and before I know it, the fire is gone and I’m back to being ok with where my life is, no reason to change anything.

This year I have 2 resolutions:

1. Lose the holiday weight I put on over the past couple of months (8-10 lbs. <– !!!).

2. Think less and do more.

Before Thanksgiving, I was running 3-4 times each week for 6 weeks training for the local Turkey Trot 10k race that takes place every year on Thanksgiving day. For a person who has a hard time seeing things through, hates working out by herself, and hates running even more, this was nothing short of a miracle. So let me say it again,

I was RUNNING, BY MYSELF, sometimes for MORE THAN AN HOUR, MULTIPLE times per week, for 6 WEEKS.

I still can’t believe I accomplished that. My jaw dropped again just writing it. Unfortunately, I got sick the day before the race and couldn’t run it. *ugh* After that, the holidays happened. Dessert happened. Cocktails and wine happened. Copious amounts of cheese and bread products happened. And I wasn’t working out.

I fell off the wagon in a big way, to the tune of 8-10 lbs in about a month and a half (blech). Oh well, it happened, it was fun and delicious, and now it’s time to get back on track. That will include cardio and weight lifting 2-3x per week for at least 30 min each session. Also, the hubs and I are going to pick just 2 nights out of the week to enjoy us some sweet berry wine.

Finally, I’m going to eat mindfully. When I fell off the wagon, I turned my inner sensor off and went to town on the food and the beverage. Now, if I’m not hungry, I’m not going to eat. If I know I’m going into a high-calorie situation like a party or restaurant, I’m going to make the decision BEFOREHAND what I will eat and how much of it. Plus of course eat plenty of fresh produce to keep me full and healthy.

As for my second resolution. It was inspired by my completing that 6 weeks of 10k training. Normally when I embark on some fabulous new plan, I want to have every workout completely outlined, every day marked out, and have a pretty calendar designed just to track my progress. What I’ve learned over time is that those kind of set ups doom me for failure from the start because it’s too much pressure to adhere perfectly to the perfect plan with the perfect calendar. With this year’s Turkey Trot, I had exactly 6 weeks to train for the race. I basically had to start training yesterday if I expected to be able to run the whole thing without hurting myself. What I had time to do was a quick internet search for free training programs and choose the one that worked best for me. The next day I started running, no more thinking, just doing. I tracked my runs AFTER I did them on my non-fancy calendar, and made adjustments as needed. In the end, I didn’t follow the training program to the letter, but I progressed to the point where I was running more than 20 miles per week. On my first run, I didn’t think about eventually getting to 20 miles per week. All I thought about was what I had to do that day. That mindset brought me through 6 weeks of consistent running, something I NEVER would have thought I could do.

That process helped me realize that I need to be better about setting a specific goal and giving myself a flexible plan to achieve it. Also, I need to focus on the goal and not get hung up on the system I’ll be using to accomplish it. In the end, it will be more about doing and less about planning.

So that’s it. I’m going to take time today to write out my goals for the year and start tackling them one by one. If I fail, at least I know I’ve succeeded by trying.

Happy 2012 everybody. Here’s to a fulfilling and prosperous new year!


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